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I see a lot of sites list TPMS service kits that look to me like they replace all of the sealing points. I just had 4 new tires installed and posed this question to multiple tire shops in the area and all said leave them alone unless there is an issue. Well guess what with my luck lately there is an issue. I'm sure the goose egg 0 degree temps are not helping but I managed to have a flat tire in the morning for the past 3 days on one wheel. I inflate it hoping the valve will seal and it just continues to have the slightest leak out of the valve when you cover it with soapy water.

The tire shop wants $150 to replace the TPMS as a whole unit on the one wheel.

The sealing kits seem to only cost about $5. Am I crazy to just do the seal kit and not the whole sensor?

2006 RRSC Yokohama Parada Spec-X OE sizing already 2 snow storms on them 6" & 10" of snow and more today. tires seem to be great as far as I'm concerned for mild winter driving. Not as good as full on snow tires but not bad at all. Not much traction on ice is where they fail the snow is easy.
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