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TPMS Sensors Gone Bad?

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Hi All

My TPMS light flashes at times then goes out for a while. There are times when it stays on solid for good while then goes out. I checked the pressure: approx. 35PSI front and 40PSI Rear. I know it should be 32PSI and 42PSI front and rear respectively. But, I can't believe that those couple of pounds would make a difference.
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i noticed they could be pretty fickle as well. it's actually 38/42psi for front/rear, but i agree that 35/40 shouldn't be enough to set 'em off. grasping at straws here, but how's your tire gauge? i have a cheapo one that i've found to run less accurate (reads ~3-5psi higher) at higher psis so i have to compensate.
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