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Tow Hitch Wiring

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Hey all,

I'm moving in about a month or so, and I've been reading a bit about getting my 2003 Range Rover ready for towing. I'm planning on renting a U-Haul trailer to use for a few days (cheaper than renting a big truck + no mileage charges), but U-Haul likes to do things by the book so they'll probably want me to have the proper wiring for the taillights and whatnot, whereas when I've used my buddy's car trailer he didn't care about that. That being said, what's the best option for the wiring? Ideally I'd love to go with the proper OE harness for ease of installation and full integration, but at $287 (at Atlantic British) it seems a bit pricey. Anybody know a place that might have it cheaper
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get the new factory wire harness kit from AB,
it contains a relay and computer interface controller that is needed to make the system work,
this is added to the rear fuse panel , as is the new relay and fuse

Also included is the socket for the trailer wire plug.

also get a 7 pin to 4 pin wire converter plug so you can plug in the Uhaul trailer plug.

NOTE if you dont follow these instructions the chances are big that the BCU will be damaged,
and then you will need a new BCU as the tail lamps may be shorted out.

NOTE dont let the Uhaul place try to tap into the rear lamps as this can short out the BCU

NOTE you can also get the long tow hitch and ball from Curt,
its a plug and play deal IIRC the hitch is 12 or 14 inches long. about 35.00

Ball is about 12.00.

get the correct sized ball made by Curt,
thats good for 7500 lbs
NOTE dont use the Uhaul ball as its usually only good for 5000 lbs look at the specs before you buy.

NOTE with the factory harness installed you can also run extra wires to tap into the brake signal lines up at the RF passenger footwell,
and then send a brake force signal to a trailer with elex brakes.
then you would buy a brake controller for about 120.00

NOTE the Uhaul trailer has hydraulic brakes that are activated by the ball hitch pressure so no brake controller is used.

link to wire installation guide.

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Mrmerlin is absolutely correct. There is no way around it, but with the OEM kit. The kit IS needed, and works like a charm. It also among many things, shuts of the rear parking sensors, adjusts braking, and limits nose dive . How would you like to hear those sensors going off the whole trip.
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