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I have been looking at picking up a new 17' Range Rover Diesel that is still left on the lot. I found one I like but it doesn't have the Tow Package with the Full Size Spare. Ive been researching and I think I have found the answers to 2 of the 3 primary questions but looking for confirmation:

1. I can get the OEM Trailer Hitch, Electronics, and Software Installed at Dealer and it is effectively the same as if it left the factor with it. Correct?
2. There is no Locking Rear Diff on the Diesels, even ones with the Tow Kit. Correct?
3. Does the Spare wheel compartment fit a full size spare if I can order a matching wheel?
This is the biggest unknown. Is there little pieces I may need to buy to securely mount a full size wheel? I do plan to drive this on tougher roads occasionally and would like this option.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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