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Touchscreen Gremlins!

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I have a late production 2011 L322, with the digital dash and better looking Navigation. I need some help - my system has been acting crazy lately. The Touchscreen is doing things on its own, when you listen to satellite or radio, you can see on the touchscreen that its switching to DVD briefly by itself or to AUX input. The selection gets greyed out and the radio(sound) cuts out. Then comes back to radio / satellite. It does this consistently - to the point that it is annoying. I started with the battery (SuperStart by O'reillys - 900 CCA), went in a had a charging system load test and battery test - it reads 12.4V and 1020 CCA. I fully charged it overnight on my OPTIMA charger and ran a Module Reset on all systems through JLR. The Touchscreen ran fine for exactly 2 days, and then the gremlins came back...I went in the back and removed the power connection from the DVD (hoping it no longer "sees" it), nothing - still switches by itself. Now it has a new warning on the screen - system is overheating, shutting down. I was in the back, there is no Fan there, I know some of the older models may have had one? Has anyone ever seen or experienced this? This morning, I checked the battery cold and it shows 12.4V and 1000CCA, however, if I connect my OPTIMA charger to the battery - the OPTIMA charger only shows it to be at 25% charge and starts charging it. Should I start by trying a different Head unit?touchscreen?


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