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total respray

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i'm going to have my car professionally painted in another colour and was wondering if anyone has had this done and what trim pieces need to be replaced either broken or bent during removal, the bodyshop has done an rrs recentley and said that quite a lot of things broke when removed for painting but didn't say what.
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brad s1 said:
rrtoadhall said:
I have to agree. Resprays never come out as good as the original paint. If you heart is set on white look for another Rangie in the colour you want.
It can look as good as original, usually better if the right shop is performing the job, its just a massive project that will end up costing more than a 2002 RR anyway. `)

A good shop will have every bit of the car out, doors off, windows out, trim removed, and repaint the whole thing back up from raw metal.
I agree with brad on this one, most factory paint jobs have many imperfections, proper prep before and after painting by a great painter it will look better than original imo.
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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