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Torque limiting socket

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I am looking for a torque limting socket for the spark plugs on my v8.
I can find plenty of smaller sockets with torque limiting built in but i can't seem to find a 13/16 version with the correct 20nm torque loading.
I have a torque wrench but it only starts at 25lb/ft and i don't really want to puchase another one just to do the sparks plus they are much more expensive.
Any help greatly appreciated
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Nowt on the socket but i have always done the same with new plugs in a alley head--- hand tight and then half a turn. Always works for me.
that wasn't the question?
thanks for your input though
Instead of buying just one socket, why not get a smaller torque wrench that you can use on many other jobs too?
Just a thought.....

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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