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topic gone missing

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i put a grill on for sale it has gone missing can anybody help what happenend to the topic and were it went thanks
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Most likely the admin or one of the other mods deleted it.

As to why; well was it in the appropriate For Sale forum?

And did it conform the to the guidelines set down?
It was not in the sale forum and did not have a location specified or I would have just moved it. It always helps to take the time to read guidelines BEFORE posting. Mods simply don't have time to handhold new members that have no inclination to do a bit of research as to how the forum works.
It's too bad. I'm sure that RRS conversion grill would have sold QUICK!!!! >>>>>
thats fair enough if u dont know because we are new to good fourm it would have been nice to have been told rather than it just go missing if u know what i mean i am all for rules
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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