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Hey everyone!

Long time lurker, possibly 2nd post, but i know i've come to the right place, since i've fixed a lot of issues using this forum.

That being said let's jump right into things...

I did a complete top end rebuild along with a Crower 50229 cam.
replaced timing chain, cam bearings, lifters, 19# injectors, and water pump.
As I said, Crower 50229 camshaft.
Timing chain is a Edelbrock 7828 performer-link chain and gear set. Set the timing at Standard. Triple checked timing and BTC
Comp cams Lifters.

Everything went together very easily, even for a shade trade mechanic (which I think I am not even that good).
Couldn't even get a cough till i advanced the timing to about 15 degrees. Advanced beyond that and it started right up, but rpms went up to 5k before i could shut it down.
ive checked Timing and BTC about 10 times now and still the same thing.

FTS reads 3.56 ohms
CTS reads 3.6 ohms
Spare CTS reads 3.1 ohms

Research on the interwebz led me to https://www.actproducts.co.uk/2011/...ing_wp_cron=1553724468.0143420696258544921875
Checked the Maf voltage
A/F goes to 0.5 volts then drops to 0.31 volts after 2 seconds when ignition is turned on. I'm thinking it's bad? on engine start it does go up and it seems to correlate with rpm; 2.26 volts at ~1250 rpm.
Spark plugs are are black from running rich. Which leads me to believe something is causing the engine to dump fuel, which is causing the very high rpm.
only way to get it to idle at 1k is seriously retarding the timing.

Any help is appreciated.
Guidance and pointing out my errors glady so!
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