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Tool for Rover and Cadillac?

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Hi!Since I do not know anything about diagnostic tools I have to ask here are the tools car manufacturer specific only or are there (reasonable prized) multi manufacturer tools available? Like LR and GM compatible. I've got a -99 Cadillac Seville and -02 RR. The Caddy is because of the smooth ride and good seats for longer rides (since my back is pretty much done) and RR of course of the air springs and enough room for two big dogs + my wife and her luggage on our way to the country cottage... It would be nice to have one tool for both vehicles witch are getting old and starting to have all sorts of troubles. Mainly linked to suspension. Both.
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I would say you are going to need two systems. The seville has the 4.6 V8, Is that the Northstar? If so they like to eat their own valve trains. Your first year L322 has the Diesel. I doubt that any diagnostic company is going to make a single unit for Yankee ingenuity and stoic oil burning. they just don't speak the language.
That sounds reasonable. I was just surprised that a local garage witch is specialized in American cars only was able to clear RR's air susp codes. Maybe the owner who turned out to be Rover enthusiast himself has his own set of tools. Have to search from the threads what tool would suit best for my humble needs and wallet :)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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