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To Change or not To Change ...........

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............ that is the question? My aircon condenser unit went AWOL a few months ago and was replaced but the receiver/dryer was not changed at that time. I am now getting differing advice on whether or not it should have been changed and should I now have it changed? Anyone with any definitive knowledge on this?
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The one Item that you should always change when the system is open is the receiver/dryer !

Yes, it should have been changed, as Scotty said. Odd someone changed your compr. and re-charged, yet did not mention the dryer. It collects the moisture from the system over the years. Important for how well your a.c. works, plus the life of your a.c. Seriously, I would order a new dryer, have the system re-vacuumed, new dryer, and re-charge the system. I am also wondering now whether the system was flushed prior to re-charge???

Make sure someone flushes the system, replaces the dryer, then re-charges.
I will add my voice to the yes replace it if you want the system to last. The moisture now in the system can form an acid with the coolant and damage components especially the alloy of the condenser.
Thanks for the responses. It will be going in next week for the receiver/drier to be replaced and the system scavenged, vacuumed, oiled and recharged.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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