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Tire chains or cables??

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I have done some searching etc. but can not really find an answer. My mechanic says I can't really use chains on my tires-255-55-18- which are on a '02 rr-as they will rub or something and cables are the way to go.
Is this true? I have seen a few posts on here how people have used chains and seen no mention of it. Cables seem thinner and don't seem to last as long as chains, where chains are a bit thicker and will last a little longer I assume.
Just thinking of getting some in case we get a winter like this one here in Northern VA again (once I have them it will never snow much again).
Thank you in advance.
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I put the Nitto's on 2 weeks back (then the front airbags needed to be replaced, so went back to the garage) and my wife is currently using the rover to get to work. One of the two roads to get to 66 still has some snow on it, 66 is only 4 miles away but there is about 800 yds uphill to traverse first, her BMW may not quite make it.
I was just thinking of getting something to play with mainly and our local roads didn't see a plow for 2 or 3 days after the recent snow storms here so just need a small back up really (mainly for the knowing I have them 'just' in case feeling). I am going to look into some local clubs to try more off road stuff for fun, I think there is one in West Va. somewhere (will look into it later today).
Anyway thank you for your advice and time.
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