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Tire chains or cables??

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I have done some searching etc. but can not really find an answer. My mechanic says I can't really use chains on my tires-255-55-18- which are on a '02 rr-as they will rub or something and cables are the way to go.
Is this true? I have seen a few posts on here how people have used chains and seen no mention of it. Cables seem thinner and don't seem to last as long as chains, where chains are a bit thicker and will last a little longer I assume.
Just thinking of getting some in case we get a winter like this one here in Northern VA again (once I have them it will never snow much again).
Thank you in advance.
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In my 19yrs of driving for a living, I can say cables are all but useless IMHO.
There is no reason why true chains cannot be used, if installed correctly. I know Va gets some crappy weather, but I would imagine that a set of 16's with some good AT's will work just fine. Make sure they get good reviews in snow. Then just swap wheels/tires in winter time, and no need to crawl around on your hands and knees in the slush :thumb:
I have never had an issue with the Nitto's on the P38 in snow and ice.

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