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Tire chains or cables??

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I have done some searching etc. but can not really find an answer. My mechanic says I can't really use chains on my tires-255-55-18- which are on a '02 rr-as they will rub or something and cables are the way to go.
Is this true? I have seen a few posts on here how people have used chains and seen no mention of it. Cables seem thinner and don't seem to last as long as chains, where chains are a bit thicker and will last a little longer I assume.
Just thinking of getting some in case we get a winter like this one here in Northern VA again (once I have them it will never snow much again).
Thank you in advance.
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Your mechanic is full of bull plop. I have used both on my 255/55 18s with no issue. Your question would be better answered by what kind of diriving you do. If you are strictly country roads or around town with little snow then if you MUST buy something just get cables. Chances are with good tyres your truck would do just fine anyway. If you are looking at off pavement or deeper accumulations then chains might be a better option. Chains might last longer depending on how you maintains them, speed and conditions. Usually chains are quite abit more expensive.
dutchfrompredator said:
rrtoadhall said:
Your mechanic is full of bull plop.
:lol: :clap: That a good one.
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