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Timing chain or coupler noise?

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Hi, I recorded two videos with the sound of a RRSC 2011 engine I bought recently. Despite listening to many videos I still have some doubts regarding if there is any issue with the timing chain or the coupler


Could someone more familiar with engines share your views on this? from the inside of the cabin it also seems to noise to me. Car has 75k miles on it.

Thanks very much
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So from reading about the timing chain TSB, it sounds like all vehicles that fall within the specified VIN range need to have this repaired/serviced? There is no "it might happen, it might not" like the infamous Porsche 911 IMS?

I am new to Land Rover and just recently purchased my 2011 RR Supercharged with 53K miles on it. I guess I should be concerned and get this looked at by a professional before I go on my next road trip.

Drove up to beautiful Vancouver BC last weekend from Seattle and spent the weekend there. Was planning another road trip this weekend but guess I will have to take my diesel BMW X5.

Still love my RR :)
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