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Hi Everyone

I've got a 06MY TD6 and the timed climate function on the screen is giving me problems.

If I set a time in it to come on, it randomly forgets it! Yesterday I sat in the car, set the time (and the orange indicator light came on top-left as it should). I then thought 'actually, I want it on 1/2hr earlier and went back into the menu only to find that then said 'off' in the time - but the orange indicator light was still on!!

It seems very random as if it remembers it's times or not, and is deeply frustrating as it totally can't be relied upon at the moment. Any ideas?

I was maybe thinking battery charge (esp. as it's been cold here recently) but I do have a 14 mile drive to work then 14 miles back, have had no other 'funny' behaviour and recently did two 350 mile drives (2 weeks ago) so I'd have thought the battery would have been bang-on.

Remote keyfob works fine.

Any thoughts anyone?!
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