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throttle position?

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I acquired a hawkeye unit and I've found the throttle readout on the gems ranges from ~8% to 87%, while on the trans cpu it ranges from ~17% to 87%.

Has anyone else checked these? What is the correct range (~5-100% I assume)? Shouldn't they agree? The trans always shifts late and the mode button doesn't work right...
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Never looked at that on my Faultmate myself....
Maybe someone with more time could look at theirs?

mine is 80 something too. I would like confirmation of the correct value too.

I use a Scangauge II on my 94 Petrol HSE to see this
I'll try and remember to look it up next time I hook up the Rovacom. From memory I think it was 7 to 100. :?
I would think full throttle would be 100%, so let me know...
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