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Thoughts on whether Land Rover has improved reliability on the L461 RRS?

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Reliability was always a thorn on the side of LR's. With all the noise about how JLR was working on improving reliability...do you see signs that they are getting there?

Just curious if we are all to still drive these with a dark cloud over us...
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I definitely drive with a dark cloud over this car. In just my personal experience, I had a couple different P38 hand-me-downs in undergrad that were resolutely, comically terrible cars. One decided to roll backward down an incline despite being parked with the handbrake fully engaged, and was diagnosed with a bad CV joint at 25k miles. Another had door locks that refused to stay locked. My dad had a series of RRs since 1987 that regularly left the family stranded on sides of interesting Florida back roads.

In January I decided to give the new and improved JLR a chance by buying this 2023 RRS. With just 23 miles on the odo, the screen decided to stop responding to touches. Now it has about 700 miles and everything seems to be fine, but it's really, really hard to feel good about relying on this car.

I'd also comment that the dealer experience was not great. I had a couple post-purchase issues with this car that would make me think three times before calling the dealer for anything.

The contrast is Porsche, where the cars have been totally reliable, and nearly every dealer has been a pleasure to work with. It's a bonus that I prefer driving Porsches.

I'm glad that some guys have had good experiences with these cars and I appreciate that the 12-month residual values seem strong, since I'll almost certainly trade this car in for a facelift MY24 Cayenne once those are available to order.
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