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Thoughts on whether Land Rover has improved reliability on the L461 RRS?

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Reliability was always a thorn on the side of LR's. With all the noise about how JLR was working on improving reliability...do you see signs that they are getting there?

Just curious if we are all to still drive these with a dark cloud over us...
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The biggest issue with Range Rovers is the initial quality - problems right out of the factory on a new vehicle. I experienced it with my 2019 RRS ATB. It had four problems at delivery that took a month and half to get sorted, including a return visit to fix interior trim damage that the dealer caused to the car when fixing the other issues. The biggest joke was that they put the wrong steering wheel on the car - they put an L405 wheel on, not the sport steering wheel for the L494. The dealer thought I was crazy, but I insisted it be corrected.

Once you get past the initial quality issues, these cars are as reliable as any other luxury brand. They all have their own issues. I will say that the Range Rover dealers are notably worse than other luxury brands from a service perspective.
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In my personal experience it takes LR about 3 years to sort out all the issues with a new model.
I agree, but I wasn't referring to new models. Initial quality as in problems right out of the factory on new vehicles of any model year. They still haven't figured it out despite the increased levels of automation they use and their alleged QA at the end of the production line. They ship far too many new vehicles with faults they should have caught, and expect their sub-par dealers to fix them.
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