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Hey All, well my 1995 RR 4.0se has come to the end of it's road. As a trade in i wont get much so i was considering parting out if i could get more money and help some other owners out. If anyone has any experiance with this let me know if its a good idea or to just trade in. Any imput would be appreciated...

Thanks All, Chris..

Oh, if you are wondering why, heating issues, bad right side head. Besides that for over 200,000 mile it runs like a top... just serviced the tranny as i never had any issues and rebuilt the EAS system, pump and valve block. Lost key and have been using a modified pipe with handel to turn over... didnt bother me but the wife...you know.... had this truck for 8 years....interior leather seats besides drivers front seat is in 99% condition....

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Just keep it and fix it! You can always part it out later if you need to..

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