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Thinking of buying a Range Rover

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It is coming upto the time where the current tow car is to be replaced and at this point A P38A is looking like the replacement. However I just need to check a few dimensions 1st. The problem is my dog, he is very lazy and stubborn. He will only get in the boot if he can walk in, he will not jump in so If the boot is too high he will not get in and at ~ 250lb I cant make him get in. I have tired eveything to get him in but the only way with the current 4x4 is to use a ramp that I made, so hopefully with EAS a Range Rover might be better.

So can someone please tell me:-

  • 1)The hight from the ground to the boot floor in access mode
    2)The dimension of the boot with the seats up and down
    3)How much weight can the lower tailgate carry, I don't want him to stand on it for it to break under his weight

Thank You
Phil M
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I can tell you that the lower tailgates are very strong, providing the steel cable supports each side are in good nick. Me and the brother -in -law stood on the lower tailgate watching a rally stage and we're not skinny by any means, it got us head and shoulders above everyone else with a steady platform for taking photos too.

I got a 7 stone Boxer dog and he's a lazy s*d too, he can jump a 5ft fence but do you think he'll jump into the back of the Rangie, no way! He jumps out no problem, I think he's not fussed on the noise the exhaust makes in the back :lol:

Can't help with the dimensions on EAS access mode sorry I'm on coil springs.....but you don't want to start that debate on here..... :roll:

250lb dog? That sounds like a small horse :shock:
My Mastino Napolitan that is 200lbs and lazy can't get in without help even with the EAS in access.
Anyway he loves the Range Rover.

For an example.
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lotus said:
~ 250lb I cant make him get in.
250lb Dog! You don't need a P38 you need a Horse Box :lol:

Yea horse box definitely.
33" deep to the seat
37" tall smallest point
43" wide smallest point

28 - 3/4" in access mode on 285/60/R18 tires (255/55R18 is stock)

One thing to watch is the tail gate straps actually rust and break after a while.
$60 a piece from the dealer but the renewed ones support my weight 200 lbs no problem.
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