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I’ve used all years of RR to tow. I have to say all work really well, the trucks handle exceptionally with a trailer.

Skip 2006 as a year, highly consider 2007-2009 trucks. Decide if you want 300 HP or 400, even the base model 4.4 300HP tows really easily. I do not have experience with high altitude though.

If you want more tech, consider 10-12 RRs. But in your price range you may not want to bother. They can be very troublesome in places such as timing components, plastic cooling lines leaking, and a high failure rate for water pump failure at the worst times. If you buy a neglected example at $20k, you will not be able to budget an overhaul on the cooling system.

Which leads me to my next point..

When purchasing an 07-09 truck, consider that you will need a good $1500 worth of preventative maintenance for towing.

Starting with but not limited to:

Cooling hoses
Coolant flush
Check condition of water pump
Replace transmission fluid and filter
Replace transfer case fluid
Replace differential fluids front and rear
Replace engine oil

These are all things that definitely should be done. Mind that these are not RR specific items, all vehicles can become troublesome if neglected. All in it is still a 10 year old vehicle.

Also.. definitely consider a trailer brake controller. It is a must for any vehicle for towing above 3500 pounds.

When looking, inspect the front air suspension bags, are they cracking? Budget $300 each if they are. They will last another 10 years after replacement.

Consider tyres on the vehicle, are they a good brand, and are they new? Tyres are around $1000 for all four.

Consider looking at the brakes. Are there ridges on the disc? Brakes are important in towing of course, and expensive.

Take it in to a local LR dealer or Indy LR shop for a pre purchase inspection.

Stay away from trucks that have “bling”. Whoever owned it used their budget for the wrong things. I find they are usually neglected mechanically.

Always make sure the wheels are OEM. Land Rover “Stormer” wheels are a popular mod but there are a lot of fake replicas out there. They crack easily and can leave you stranded.

Probably a lot more but there’s a start.

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Well it matters how mechanically, or in this case being electronics how patient you are. There are DIYs for everything. Google around and you'll find one. I prefer my Tekonsha brake controller over anything else.

Don't look at the mileage when looking for your new truck. Just make sure its a solid vehicle that has maintenance done. With that said, don't go out and buy a 150k mile truck because of course any vehicle with any maintenance will be a crapshoot.

10-12s need significantly more maintenance/repairs than 07-09. Trust me.. I've owned 3 5.0 10-12 trucks, both Sport and Full size, and a 2008 HSE. I won't comment on 03-05 as they are simply not relevant these days. Too many small issues and low mileage examples have been just sat around. Also are wonderful trucks though..

Full size I think does better with towing, mainly because of its longer wheelbase. Just physics.

I sought after my curiosity and did a quick search, I found this truck: https://www.carfax.com/vehicle/SALMF15458A289568

It seems like a very good deal, 2 owner no accidents and mostly dealer maintained, along with luxury package and a fairly nice condition. Put the rest of your budget into preventative maintenance like fluid changes and a good towing setup, and you'll be on your way.

I also like the 19" wheels more.. they ride better IMHO..
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