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I have to agree that rust is a killer thing to watch for. 2/4 of my Classics were rust buckets. My current one is pretty bad..


I've not put much thought into the rust and I've been fine. I've just made an appointment for the rear body mounts to be strengthened, as well as the rear floor board to be welded.

If original, replace the coil pack, it has left me stranded twice. Make sure to get at least the alternator belt from the dealer, I've found it is slightly wider than something bought from an autoparts store. $22 for the alternator belt.

The steering hoses leak quite a bit on mine before replacing the high pressure hose and reservoir cap.

Brake lines rust especially badly IMO.. I've had 3 consecutively go out in the first snow, whether that be from temperature difference or the fact that I actually drove the truck for once due to weather.

Updated stereo is a great update, for how much road noise is produced, something to listen to is nice.

I've found my radiator is corroding quite badly, to the point that running my finger across it will easily damage some fins. Make sure the radiator is either in good condition, or has been replaced..
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