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Remove spark plugs and use an oil can with squirter to squirt a few shots in each cylinder. It is good practice to get some lubrication in there to help the rings. Does not really matter what oil.

With the plugs removed you should be able to turn the front pulley by hand to make sure the engine is free. After that you can just spin it on the starter for a bit till the oil light goes off (check it has oil!). Without spark plugs there will be very little load on the bearings. I am thinking the 91 will have the distributer driven oil pump and if you wanted to go all out you can remove the distributer and insert an oil pump driver (buy or make) to just spin the pump. Frankly unless your oil light does not go off after a few seconds I don't think it is needed, the oil filter and pump should be full and oil should start flowing immediately.

There are a ton of things you want to check and change. Thermostat maybe, fuel will smell like vanish. If only a little in there you can dilute with fresh. Main thing is to check the tank is not rotted out (cheap endoscope usb camera on Amazon). The rust will fill the filter and you will have endless fuel issues.

Before you spend any money, just do the basics and get it starter, moving and then stopping. Possibly the car was left because the PO found a major issues and you don't want to spend on parts only to find it is no-hoper.

Take it one step at the time. When you know the car is fine you can at least enjoy it being a bottomless money pit.
21 - 21 of 21 Posts