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Well its been just over a month and following this thread


Having come to the conclusion The Duke was an Autobiography which the first owner ( Local Royal Family ) demanded a Vogue SE and since they never made them as far as we know in that year the dealer just ordered a Autobio and badged it with a Vogue SE tag.

But today on my way to meet up with another member ( Spiggy Tobes ) here I saw the answer to as to what exactly it is, was there as plain as day, on the passenger side door, have had the RR for a month now been fidling with stuff on the passenger side aswell, just surprised how come I never noticed it till today,doh !

A brass plate fixed to the door

Says VOGUE SE This vehicle was crafted by .....At Land Rovers Special Vehicles and then Spiggy actually pointed out that there is also a signature in the middle and upon close inspection its signed D.Thorpe.

Must say I'm chuffed to bits as I've never seen anything like this before, and even more chuffed as with all the talk recently on the forum about special editions. I guess this makes it even extra special as it also has the regular Autobiography Badge rivited on the slam panel :D
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