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1995 Classic about 290,000 miles. Cold starts fine, runs good most the time. After a shut down it tends to run rough and at times start slow. A few times it will die at idle. Ambient temp being higher makes the problem worse. Off idle it seem to run great.

Recent events. Changed left O2 sensor, had a 44 code and right now no codes at all. Plugs, wires, cap and rotor about two months old. Old plugs looked clean and did not indicate any problems. Changed fuel, oil and air filters, changed oil, and cleaned after market IACV (replaced IACV last summer). Has had some fuel system cleaner run through it. Checked most under hood wiring for grounds. Changed alternator last summer. Tach does not work right, flickers around. Last summer due to the same problem I fitted after market in tank fuel pump, had to fit it into the old pump body. I get 32 psi or so at the fitting on top of the engine but I wonder if the pressure is good but the flow isn't? Slight coolant leak at the left head gasket. Most of the time okay using a sealant. Temps look good and radiator is clean. Changed hoses and thermostat last summer.

So next guess? A better fuel pump? Injectors? What can I look for to make me try one or the other first?

Do have the EAS needing to be worked on and reset. Thinking of trying to make a cable or get one of the boxes and the airbag light is on.
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