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the cost of ownership

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I know i will get blasted for what i am about to divulge. I took in my 06 RRS for its 30K Mi service, (which of course was FREE) and i (it) needed new wipers. $185 for three pieces of rubber. OK, it is three years old and i didn't have the time to start looking around to save a little $$. I also needed 2 new front tires. I had four new ones put on when i bought it less than a year ago with 15K mi. It is not so much that they were worn out rather the inside of both fronts were BALD on the inside 2 inches of each front. IS THAT COMMON> The middle and outside had TONS of tread left. After seeing it, OK, easy answer, do it! 750 for two tires and of course a full 4 wheel alignment another 190. A GRAND, for my free 30K mi oil change. WHAT A DEAL!!

I know everyone out there is saying you should have gone here for this and there for that, but what would i have saved, a few hundy or MORE???

The car has been great!, reliable and pretty much trouble free. so I figure this is the cost of owning and driving a RR. I must admit that when i got in (after being in a Chrysler something for two days) and pressing on the gas in my RR, it felt great.

two questions:

#1 what should this service (blades, tires and alignment) have cost me?

#2 is this toe in / out / alignment issue common? the car did not pull left of right and there was no real vibration issue.

thanks in advance for your feedback!!
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Personally, with such dramatic and uneven tire wear with so few miles, I think you should have insisted a bit more for the dealer/LRNA to pick up the tab of the alignment for sure, but possibly of the new tires as well. In fact, there is an old Bulletin out for uneven tire wear on some MY06s (although I don't know if yours is within the VIN range) that you may want to show your SA to see if you can get at least partially reimbursed on the labor:


The stock wiper blades on MY06 sucked, I'm surprised yours actually lasted this long. In theory, you should have received better ones from the dealer as they were redesigned some time during MY07. I don't want to blast you but, dude, before agreeing to be raped 180 bucks for wiper blades why didn't you check with us? :wink: 40 bucks, maximum, for a perfectly fine set of Bosch or Rain-X replacement that will most likely outlast any overpriced OEM blade. There is even a whole thread linked from the Read Me First topic at the beginning of the forum...


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i knew i should have checked here, but i live in Canada and i was in the US getting it serviced because that is where i bought it and it was one of those, "I am here and i need it done" situations. Do you think i have some recourse after that fact with the alignment / tires anyway. Stealership? LRNA? My next blades will not be LR. i knew i would kick myself. where can you get the Bosch / rain-x? Any auto section? Do you know the sizes? Front x2 ? Rear?

pick your fave auto parts store: kragen, pep boys, autozone. i think fronts are 22" and rear is 14".
Take a tape measure and see what they are.


look them up in the book provided by the auto parts store.

There is somthing really wrong with your fornt end.

Look at the info that umbertob has provided.

Good Luck

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No, no... LP you're pulling our leg here, aren't you?

The punchline will be that the service advisor's name was Snidely Whiplash, and the dealer was Dudley Do-Right Land Rover...I just know it.
If he is serious, he should post the dealer's name so when we travel we know whom to avoid. If he bought the vehicle from this dealer, shouldn't the dealer make good on selling a vehicle with this poor an alignment? Is he sure that he wants to trust his new tires to this dealers alignment guy?
i checked the serial # on the TSB and i am just outside of that. it was 6A970174 and i am 6A976XXX

do i still have any recourse? with whom should i start, the dealership, the SA, SM, LRNA

Uh oh. You're not pulling our leg. :shock:

Tip: always start at the bottom and work your way up---unless you know someone.
Dude that sucks that you were in that situation, and definitely sounds like premature wear on the tires. I put four new Yokohama tires on my RRS for about $670 earlier this year.
Hey, I have some extra lug nuts for $95/each, in case you ever lose one. :lol:
Drevs said:
Hey, I have some extra lug nuts for $95/each, in case you ever lose one. :lol:

did i really get it that bad???

so what is the verdict, do i try to recoup some costs on this one? If so, start where? SA, SM, LRNA?

LP's HSE said:
so what is the verdict, do i try to recoup some costs on this one?
Recoup the costs how? You signed on the dotted line, no?

The only recourse I'd consider would be to call the dealer and say that, after further investigation, you feel that they exploited you.
Maybe they'll offer some reconciliation... but I doubt it.
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