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Thanks to Shupack

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I was 150 miles from home yesterday and got the "EAS Fault" message. I went to the stealership where they wanted over USD 200 to hook my truck up to testbook and diagnose my situation. I thought that I might bother Shupack over the phone (never before had I talked to him) to see what he could recommend. He was very gracious in answering my questions, even calling me back. How's that for going out of yoour way to help someone?
Unfortunately, the return trip was a reminder of an old horse drawn carriage ride. Every little bump was a bouncing experience! :)
This morning my mechanic connected autologic to my truck, the code was a valve "permanently closed" which opened when the code was cleared and the truck immediately began rising. No problems since, although I can tell that there is a leak, which will be taken care of this next week.

Once again, MIL GRACIAS señor Shupack. I am in your debt.
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De Nada......

"valve stuck shut" typically means a worn out compressor
Shupack is a good man and he sells quality products, totally agree.

Ainiguez, your unfortunate recent experience is a reminder why we P38A drivers should carry a mini laptop and a OBD2 cable in the glove-box on any trip that is further than "dial-a-friend" away.

Not just for the EAS, a FaultMate or Rovacom is a handy addition to the toolbox. The mini-laptop should contain a copy of Rave, FaultMate diagnostics (or similar) and Storey Wilson's excellent EASunlock software.

Before I learnt this lesson, I got stuck 300Km from home with a similar EAS problem. Thanks to the hot-wire EAS method described on this site and P38Arover (Ron B) I was able to get home without my wife and daughter vomiting whenever the road got bumpy.

Don't leave home without it :)

Cheers, Paul.
I will look for the software mentioned. As far as the faultmate or autologic, etc. well, let's just say I am about $9,999 dollars short of the cost of a unit. :roll:

I must have been doing something wrong, but I tried everything as outlined here and in Shupack's website and we couldn't get the truck to lift.
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