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I wanted to do a new post so all good see what I have to say here.
Hey guys I just wanted to say that this forum is GREAT all who participate, Thank You, sometimes I think we all take each other for granit. Anyway heres the deal I have been to all the Jag sites and they SUCK I posted my high beam issue on several sites starting back on the 7th no replies not one a couple of guys said to check grounds but no real in depth replies.
Any Who this is what I found, First off the problem was in
the switch some might call it the stock. Inside the switch there
are two sets of contacts one set is for the blinkers the other set
is for the High beams/ dip beams. The copper n/o contact was
sprung/or flat it should have a bit of a bow, just wear i'm sure.
Jag in there forsite left an opening on the side of the switch just
enough for two tooth picks, I was able to put a tooth pick under
the top of the contact which allowed me to apply just enough
presure so as to put another tooth pick on the out side of the
contact at the bottom to recreate the bend in the contact. Persto
high beamO..
I don't know that this will be a permenant fix but it save some cash for now. I thought this could help someone in the future.
Thanks again you guys ...
Scotty :clap: :clap: :clap:
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