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Hello to all,

I have been an owner of RR Sport's for past 7 years, my first being a 2007 Diesel V8 3.6 litre Sport which I only replaced recently following some 250k of relatively trouble free driving.
I recently upgraded to a 2012 RR Sport HSE Lux SDV6 with all the whistle and bells. I think it fair to say that I am a city dweller and the likely hood of me ever going off road is up there with flying off tall buildings!
To my current issue, on a recent return trip from Sydney to Melbourne all had been going well for 10 hours, average speed 105k and within 5 ks of home a bang from engine, lots of black smoke and a warning sign "restricted performance"! Crawled home, next morning started perfectly, running perfectly! had it check by garage and nothing!
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