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Technique for Wing Mirror removal & replacement

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Having done a search on here and not really found anyone who could explain the technique for replacing the door mirror glass, I thought I'd have a go. Assuming that you're only trying to replace the glass, and not the whole assembly, the following should help.

A mirror replacement is made up from 2 parts:
a) The mirror itself (there are several versions including the later electrochromatic ones) - The mirror can be found from £10 up to £150+VAT for the electrochromatic ones. The £10 ones seem to fit in place of the electrochromatic ones, although won't dim.
b) A plastic clip about 8cm across (part number STC 4625) - About £3. This item usually breaks.

All of the rest of the information is based on a r/h or driver's door mirror for the UK right-hand-drive cars. Presumably for the other side of the car, all the instructions would need to be reversed.

1. To remove the mirror from the clip, move the mirror assembly around so it is facing away from the car. Use a blunt instrument (like a thick, square ended, ruler) behind the mirror from the inner edge (the edge near the window) to and push onto the centre of a 3cm-4cm part of the plastic clip that sits vertically and which the mirror lugs clip to. The lugs will come away from the clip and you can remove the mirror from the left side first.
2. To remove the plastic clip from the assembly, use a small flat-head screwdriver to lever out and un-clip the 8 (or so) tabs from the assembly one at a time by putting the screwdriver into the ~1cm square gaps around the face of the plastic clip and gently lever the outside edge out.
3. Use the new plastic clip (or the old one if it is still in one piece) and push back onto the mirror assembly making sure all 8 tabs are fully in place and the plastic clip is flush with the mirror assembly. It only goes on in one place because of a locating tab.
4. Connect the electrical connections for the heated mirror and dimming (if available) and then fit the mirror anti-vibration tab into its slot (the black tab sticking out the back of the mirror). The left hand (closest to the car) of the mirror clips in first (where the 2-tabs are), then with your hand on the mirror push firmly away from the car until the long clip on the mirror slots into place. If you get the technique right, it should click into place in only a few seconds.

Hey presto, job done.
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Hey man do u ve pics on how u did this.you know pics of the clips and how its before conection?
Sorry, no pics.

If you do a search for STC 4625 on Google, you can see what the clip looks like
This helped me out. Glad you posted. Thanks.
Noticed my passenger side mirror hanging loose with broken glass this morning (wifey must have hit the garage door frame when reversing). Looks like the STC 4625 clip seems to be intact. I'm getting a complete mirror assembly tomorrow from a junk yard and may have to transplant the glass from it as it came from a 2000 P38 that is color matched. The part I'm not clear here is, should I remove the STC 4625 from the pivot assembly and attach it to the back of the glass assembly?
Thought I'll combine these threads for a better explanation:

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