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Technical Spec sheet needed urgently

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Hi All,

I have a Range Rover L322 HSE 2004 Diesel and I want to re-register it in Italy. I can find all manner of manuals and 3rd Party guides, but does anyone know where I can get the Technical specification sheet for my model? Range Rover Italy and India have the newer models but other than that I can't find anything. Here's a link to what I am looking for, just for my model https://www.landrover.in/Images/18MY Range Rover Spec sheet 1_tcm297-519547.pdf#297-519547 Can anyone help? Cheers, Justine
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Here in the UK, Land Rover produced a 50 page booklet titled ‘Specification’ for 2002-2005 models:

These are examples of a few pages from it :

I’m not sure whether pdf versions were available back then, though the paper booklets sometimes appear for sale on eBay.

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