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Technical Q re: blue hose behind PVC pipe in BMW engine

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Upon monthly inspection of our Range Rover I discovered a blue hose that is, more or less, just there. It is blue, about 1/8" thick. It is not attached to anything but the part I can see comes from the same 'housing' as somewhat larger hoses.

Perhaps this picture is helpful? But then again here is something else weird; I discovered another smaller hose (black, not blue) that is basically like an upside-down "U" about 1/2 way down behind the engine. Also, this is not connected to anything.

FYI - I did a pretty exhaustive search on the forums about this issue, cannot find anything. Thanks.

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We have briefly discussed this pipe before but I don’t think that we came to any definite conclusion as to exactly what it was :


Rich998a thought it might be a breather for a sealed ECU or similar.

Do you think that the black 'U'-shaped pipe might be the transmission breather (see diagram on same post)?

Yes... breather hose. Thanks a ton for the link; very informative.
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