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TDV8 Trip to the Alps

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Just returned from a road trip to Morzine in the Alps south of Lake Geneva and had to post on how amazing the trip in the TDV8 was.

On the way down we stuck to the Motorways at about 80-90 MPH and the engine did not miss a beat. So quiet and smooth and the new Vredestein Wintrac 4Xtreme tyres were very quiet and comfortable. They track superbly and give a great feeling of confidence.

In the resort we were on a very steep hill which was covered in snow/ice and we where able to drive up and down to the hotel with complete confidence and the chains remained in the boot.

On the way home I decided to to avoid the crazy Motorway traffic and head north via the pass to Thonon-les-bains on the Lake, then round the lake tip at Geneva and on to St Cergue in the Jura Mountains. From there we headed north through the Jura on A roads all the way to Troyes where we stayed the night. On the run through the Jura we encountered snow over 10 feet deep at the roadside and some sections where the left tyres were on tarmac and the right tyres on snow! Even at reasonable speed we felt safe even when braking.

Having done this trip in other cars including a newish Discovery 3 Metropolis I can confirm that the TDV8 is MILES superior for long trips in every way. No complaints from the kids on the back either

Route through St Cergue, Jura, Switzerland

St Cergue, Jura, Switzerland
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That guy in the second pic certainly wins the "who can pee highest up a tree" competition!!

Looks like you had fun though!!
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