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Firstly "Hello".

As you can see im new hear but been reading this forum for ages !

Ive had two RRS, A 07 TDV6 & now a TDV8 (what a difference !!!)

I really need some help with two queries I have:

1) I wnet to get the vehicle remapped recently, and everytime they tried it went into limp mode, They ran a system scan and found two fault codes:

Fuel Pressure sensor - pressure too low at full throttle !

Fuel pressure regualtor reached max limit !

Has anyone had this experience ? is it common for the fuel pump or sensor to play up ? thanks

2) Is it possible to Deactivate the Adaptive Front Lights in the ECU ? (ongoing flashing amber fault, but lights are ok !)

Thanks Guys and look forward to your replies.


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1. Those faults have not been common issues on this board. By remapped, you mean a 3rd party tuning company that remaps the eprom chip? If so, I would guess the RRS software is just not playing well with whatever they are doing.

2. Not that I'm aware of. I'm guessing one or both of your motors is not working? If so, why not just replace the motor?
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