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Hi everyone. I run a 2008 range rover sport tdv8. Its been a great vehicle in the 12 months I have had it. I love it! I has done 160 thou miles. It started making a squeal or squark from the front belts area. I thought it was an auto adjuster weakening so replaced one of them. Noise still there. I thought it was a belt slipping potentially a worn pulley on alternator or I wondered if it could be the viscous fan clapping out so to eliminate or isolate the above I removed the fan and both belts and ran the engine. Noise still there! Its a bit intermittent but always there if that makes any sense. When you drive off as your foot goes down something squeals and then takes up, just like a fan belt. Go down a big hill and as you start to climb up the other side it's really bad then seems to take up. So can anyone please tell me what this could be coming from? Any ideas would be much appreciated, thanks
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