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2006-2009 Range Rover MkIII / L322
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Hi All,

I left my FF for 2.5 weeks, flat battery. I charged it just enough to get it to start and went through the usual Air Susp Inactive, Transfail Safe Prog, HDC Inactive errors. Once it was warm and charged up all the faults had gone. I also plugged in RSW AllComms and deleted all the faults manually.

I generally use the vehicle in automatic mode but when I was playing with it in manual it has some odd characterisitics which I am not sure were there before or not! Flick gearleaver to left, goes to into sport, use + or - to activate manual mode.

The vehicle ALWAYS want to be in fourth, it will not go into any other gear with the exception of:-

- If I stop, it goes into 2 and then shifts straight to 4 as soon as moving.
- If I stop and floor the throttle, it kicks down to 1 - redline, 2- redline, 3 - redline, into 4 but it won't change to 5
- If I press + or - when driving in 4, 3 will light up briefly, the revs go up and straight back to 4 again. However, if I hold the gearlever against the spring it will hold 3 as soon as I let it go it's back to 4 again.

When in auto it drives through all the gears just fine, it's just manual mode which has this odd behaviour.

Any ideas please?
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