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i loaned my dad my 2003 l322 td6 he ran it out of fuel i went and put 20 pounds in it and it started rite up thank god!

well ever since when i am on the fuel light even when its just come on sometimes when i come to a complete stop the car just cuts out but when you turn the key it starts without a issue no prolonged cranking or anything like that,but if the fuel light isnt on then it is perfectly fine never cuts out! it also doesnt cut out while driving just when you come to a stop i have changed the fuel filter but the issue is still there

i have no loss of power or other symptoms and no codes TBH its not a big issue as i rarely let the fuel light come on and when it happens its usually at traffic lights or something so its just the case of going into park and starting it up

to be more clear if it cuts out and i restart it stays running afterwords sometimes the whole journey but sometimes when i stop again after this happening it could cut out again yet sometimes it doesnt cut out at all

could this be the sighn of a failing lift pump? or could i have sucked up dirt and blocked the filter then possibly the second one aswell?
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