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Stuart Hudson

L/R's 1-4 owned and sold since 2000 Disco 2, Range Rover 2005, Range Rover 2007, Sport 2009

Current owned sport HSE 2009 and Sport Luxury 2011

I have been commuting in CA with the 2009, had no problems for 2 years, now have a couple if members can help.

- at my last oil change I was told the drain plug was "spinning" so they changed the oil from the top. Spinning indicates loose , there are a few oil spots after parking for a week, but nothing major and not losing much oil, I check the level regularly. Does anyone know if I can replace the plug or do I have to get the expensive whole lower pan?

- more important, the nav/radio/H Vac suddenly go out, and a warning message on the radio display says system shutting down - thank goodness the car still drives, but I also lose the lights and turn signals - it can take from 2 mins to 20 mins to suddenly pop back on, so pretty dangerous at night. I have a tire monitor light that has been coming on intermittantly for months since I had the wheels rotated and a flat fixed, so was probably the tire place that damaged the monitor in the wheel. Second the brake light came on, new front pads were fitted, new sensors, the brake warning light has stayed on since, will not go out - this seems to coincide with the system shutting down message on the radio screen, are these error messages related to the shutdown?

Would like to get some help if anyone has had a similar problem so i can advise the repair shop on what to do as opposed to them guessing - the L/R dealership is too far to consider them first.....
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