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Sway bar links?

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Ok so I assume there's "two" sway bar links - one on either side. Just was under the rover and noticed there's only one on the drivers side. The one for the passenger side is missing completely. The nuts are still there but the link is gone. I've replaced these on Saabs before by jacking the front up letting the front wheels hang. Is replacement on the rover the same?
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I replaced mine last year. I also found one link was broken like yours. However I didn't notice any effect on the handling on the highway!

You don't have to jack the car up. You only need to raise the EAS to have a bit more working room to slacken the nuts off.
Then put the EAS back to normal ride height to knock the links out - the bolts in the sway bar links only line up with the holes when at normal ride height.

I am in the process of making detachable sway bar links for off road use. The links have to be disconnected/reconnected at normal ride height.

996TURBO wrote:
I have some sway bar disconnects and it rattles like crazy. I'm considering reverting to OEM.
Did you fit after market sway bar disconnects or make your own?
I assume if they rattled there must have been a lot of play in the joints.
More details would be appreciated.
I am making a set using teflon lined rose joints.


How much play are we talking about? 1 or 2 thou or 10 thou or more ? (guess you work in mm though).

I suspect that because the joint is metal on metal any play is going to be magnified up through the suspension.

I was going to machine the mounts so they are a tight push fit through the rose joints.

Sorry to hijack the thread by the way.

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