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Sway bar links?

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Ok so I assume there's "two" sway bar links - one on either side. Just was under the rover and noticed there's only one on the drivers side. The one for the passenger side is missing completely. The nuts are still there but the link is gone. I've replaced these on Saabs before by jacking the front up letting the front wheels hang. Is replacement on the rover the same?
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I have some sway bar disconnects and it rattles like crazy. I'm considering reverting to OEM.
I tried no sway bar on 10 miles trip. On Euro roads, it's suicide :shock:
I'm using aftermarket ones. Sent an email to the dealer and they told me to apply some grease. :lol:
Since i got these, i'm getting some clonk noises even on a straight road. There's not very much play but i guess it's too important. People look at me like if i was a driving a old defender.
We're talking about 1 mm or less play. You can't feel it in situ by hand but when you push the car on the side (i grab the roof rack) you can hear the clonk.
I tried the same test after having disconnected the sway bar and got no noise at all.
1 - 4 of 12 Posts
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