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Sway Bar Bushings and End Links manufacturers question

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Does anyone have recommendations for an aftermarket brand that’s equal or better quality than the Genuine Land Rover Sway Bar Bushings and End Links?

I’ve seen a lot of these parts from Eurospare, Centric, Febest, Moog, Britpart, Mevotech, Lemfoerder. Etc..
The Genuine Land Rover branded are double or triple the price.

It’s for a 2008 RRS HSE. 4.4l petrol. (Non ACE)

Many parts on the rover I would only go with the factory part but the bushings and end links I’m on the fence about.

Any personal experiences or preferences?
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I have used MOOG parts many times on other vehicles and never had a problem with their steering or suspension components.

I’m leaning towards the Land Rover bushings and the Moog end links.

thanks for your feedback!
RockAuto seems to have a good selection of swaybar bushings, ranging from "Economy" up to "Heavy duty". However I noticed that all of their options indicate "with Active Cornering Enhancement". I don't have ACE on my Rover. Anyone know what the differences are between the ACE and non-ACE bushings?[/QUOTE

They are shaped differently and I think the sway bar diameters are different.
I ordered the bushings from ebay and the Moog Links from Rock Auto.
So far I've had hit or miss with atlantic british, i replaced the front sway bushings and everything was perfect until i replaced the rear which seamed like from the same manufacturer and somehow the rear make this weird cracking sound all the time, i was told to wait to brake them in but after 500 miles of not easy driving and removing them to lube them up a bit they still make loud sounds, I've put an order in for original land rover bushings and hopefully that will do the trick, so far I've learned that the bushing should most definitely be OEM. As for the links i can't seem to figure out which from the website provided Rock Auto are for ACE, im leaning more towards delphi as i know they make parts for land rover in general but the discrption is unclear , any suggestions?
When it comes to getting the part numbers for anything on my Rover, I go to the parts.com website and punch in all the information and look at the parts diagrams. Everything shown is the current Land Rover part number. As far as the ACE parts, the diagrams might show 2 different part numbers for something like a bushing or link. One will say DR or Active (ACE) and another will show W/O DR or W/O Active or Exc. DR or Active.(Non Ace). I personally don't buy from them but they have all the correct Land Rover part numbers. Once you have the correct part number you can google search it and find sellers of the Land Rover OEM part and all the Aftermarket versions that reference the Land Rover Part number.

Try it!
OEM is the way to go on the bushings for sure. The aftermarket ones also use a different coating on the inside. The OEM bushings use a dry Teflon coating.
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