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Hello all,

I fear that my suspension pump on my 07 3.6 TDV8 is on its way out as the care drops when left but no leaks can be found. I am about to depart to Portugal in it for 6 months so I would like to take a spare pump with me just in case.

I see that there are 2 types, the AMK and the Hitachi one, how do I tell which one I have? Do I have to physically look at it?


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As per my response on RRS UK

"If the car is dropping that is not a symptom of a failed compressor - going up slow, not going up or not getting the required reservoir pressure is.

If the car is going down then you have a leak - these can either be external or internal. You say you have checked for leaks which are external leaks - you say there are none so there must be an internal leak. An internal leak is where the internal valves allow air to pass - so can start at a valve block, leak back through the pipes to the central valve block and then back out the exhaust valve in the compressor and out the compressor exhaust so squirting spoapy water around will not pick this up.

You need to first dismantle the relevant valve block and check valve seals and o rings - than back the the central block and do the same."

As to the compressor you will have - it originally would have had a Hitachi but if it has been changed very possibly an AMK. Take the covers off and have a look.

Google either and you will see pics of either pump.

Hitachi https://www.rmeuropean.com/Products/LR041777-MFG476.aspx

AMK https://bearmach.com/rr-sport-discovery-3-4-air-suspension-compressor-amk-type-lr045251r

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