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Suspension Height Variation Side-to-Side

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Just had my airbag cover replaced, 2 rear height sensors, and steering intermediate shaft replaced yesterday. However, I'm noticing more now that the steering wheel is tilted to one side when driving straight. I had posted about this a while back, but it seems more noticeable now.

So I checked the height when parked in standard mode - the right side is 5/8" lower. They supposedly did a ride height calibration after this last work. Last year after a wheel alignment they did a height calibration and it was also 5/8" lower on the right. I keep forgetting to ask them about the difference.

Is this a normal "lean"?? Can someone verify this?? I really don't want yet another trip to the dealer. Could this much lean cause the wheel to be off alignment??
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No idea on the ride height difference--you sure the ground is level when youre measuring?

But I'm guessing with the wheel off center something got moved when they did either the steering shaft replacement or the airbag. Take it back and have them recenter the steering. That's my big pet peeve when taking a car in for alignment--they forget to center the steering and lock the wheel when adjusting the toe in, and while the car is aligned properly the steering wheel is off center...so I have to drive it back and get them to readjust it.
steering shaft doesn't affect the steering wheel alignment. Its completely indexed with no possibility of going out of wack.

but its possible while driving it could be the road crown.
UPDATE - Had the vehicle to the dealer last week and they recalibrated the ride height. The heights are all very even now.

Steering wheel is still off-center, but I just measured the alignment and I think I'm towed out around 10'. So something's might be off in the front end alignment. Left front tire is also wearing a bit uneven on the inner edge. Fer cryin' out loud....
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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