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Suspension going to Extended Height by itself

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From last few weeks the suspension is going into 'extended height' automatically. I will leave the rover for day or two in the garage and it the top light will blink and the height will go to the 'extended height' level and will stay there until i go to the highway and it will come back to the normal level. Today i was driving in the town and it went to the extended height level and the top light started blinking for a while. I stopped and manually lower it the normal height. Any idea what is causing this?
Thanks in advance.
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I have almost the same problem... but in my case the problem that I have is, if the car run (engine running) the heights are little more "up" that it should (normal and high profile, and access)... if I manually lock him in the highway profile,f.e., he runs with the heights +- of normal position, but after I switch the engine off he calibrate him self to the correct heights???

Like Rich says, it seems a drive box failure...but Kork´s make me "thinking" about... because i think my RR is a little lazy going down...and also I have the dancing in the lights....the compressor kicks several times... and also seems that the front is little more up...

wi_ranger, did you note if the car raise itself in the night?

Before buying a new drive, try to rebuilt your Valve Block...
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