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Suspension failure warning

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I searched, but didn't get the answere I was looking for. We keep getting a suspension failure warning at random times. I've had had it sitting still, driving down the road or anytime inbetween. At first I thought we hit the suspension adjustment switch, but that isn't it. I've also had the suspension deflate to the access mode position even though it was in normal suspension height when I left it. Has anyone experienced this? We have the truck scheduled to go in for service to have it checked, however I want to go in armed with info since the dealer has screwed us over before. TIA
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Could be:

1. Failing battery - tends to throw off warning signals
2. Failing air compressor
3. Failing ride height sensors.

How old is the vehicle and was the battery every changed and is the vehicle still under warranty?
Thanks for the info. The vehicle is a '06 RRS SC. It's still under warranty and we do have an extended as well. Not sure if the battery was ever changed or not. Any other help would be great.
Definitely good idea to start with the battery, but the dealer will put it on the Testbook and they should be able to find the fault then.

Good luck...post back what they find.
I am having the same problem w my air suspension. I have not had any warning lights come on yet. The car deflates to access mode when i park it ( after about 3 hrs.) i am taking it to the dealer to fix it up. Hey as long as u have the warranty what do u have to worry about?.........they'll fix it. I am pretty sure the cause of my problem is an air leak in the suspension system. urs is probably the same thing.......... :)
Mine has done this occasionally... Usually a recycle of the engine takes care of it. I'm wondering if I've got a sticky compressor valve. Of course the dealer doesn't want to do it I can't show them the code. It never stores the fault.

Have you checked the level of the resevoir containing the fluid for the suspension. I found mine was low, refilled it and I've only thrown the fault once since.
madherm said:
We keep getting a suspension failure warning at random times. I've had had it sitting still, driving down the road or anytime inbetween. At first I thought we hit the suspension adjustment switch, but that isn't it.
Went through this about 2 months ago. I'd notice it moving around at lights. Sometimes I'd get several faults within just a few minutes. On and off and on and off.

To help diagnose, I'd keep the nav screen on the 4x4 Info. If it was acting up, I could see that one of the wheels would show a full up or full down on the height. It would just look like a glitch. Sometimes the screen might not show a full high/low condition, but while sitting at a light one of the wheels would move up and down quite a bit. So I was leaning towards suspension height sensors. When I took it to the dealer I mentioned this, so they started looking at the sensors and replaced the (2) rear sensors.

Bad part is I think they screwed up the ride height calibration as the RRS sits consistently 5/8" lower on the right side(I've checked in different modes, different flat surfaces, different fuel loads) - plus my steering is cocked to the left. It's going back next week to look at this - I just didn't have time to address this after the last service due to a fam emergency.
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Have an '06 S/C. Same thing went on for me for about 3 months until I finally got it to the dealer with the fault message. New compressor fixed the problem. Thank heavens for the extended warranty since the cost was a cool grand.
Thanks for all the inputs. They are much appreciated. I'll post what they find when we get the answere.
I dealt with an intermittent suspension fault light a few weeks ago on my 07 HSE with 46K miles. A trip to the stealership revealed the compressor was leaking. Fortunately the vehicle is still under factory warranty so it was replaced at no cost.
So I have another question. The fault light is on all the time now. The one thing I have noticed since it has come on more regular is that my right rear tire has quite rapid wear on the outside part of the tire. The grooves are disappearing quite rapidly. I know that has to do with chamber, but can a leaky compressor or airbag cause that wheel to not be chambered right? All my other tires look fine, no excessive wear. The right rear is the only one showing it. It's also where I can hear the deflation after I park the car. In the 4x4 menu things look normal btw.
So we took the RR in today to have the suspension, among many other things, looked at today. I'm glad we set up for a loaner because the truck is still there. Not only did our battery die this weekend, but the air dryer in the suspension system has gone out. While parked in front of the dealer with the service advisor standing by the door the front of the truck actually dropped from standard to access mode with the rear staying in standard. That really helped our case. But it looks like it least it'll be fixed. To bad I won't get to drive it for a few months. Back of to the war.
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