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Surround Camera Problem

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I am new to Range Rover after picking up my first 2010 Range Rover Sport last night. Unfortunately our excitement was somewhat short lived as we quickly realized that the front right camera (1 out of 5) did not display a picture and rather displayed a blue broken-camera icon. The rear camera also displays this same blue broken-camera icon but only momentarily and then displays the picture and this only happens in Camera mode and not reverse.

I have read others with the new LR4 having this same issue with the front left camera and there is even a promotional land rover video on YouTube that shows the same blue broken-camera icon.

I have a service appointment tomorrow and I was hoping there might be an existing TSB that I could reference or perhaps other first hand fixes for this issue.

I was also wondering if there were any other issues, TSBs that I should have investigated while my truck is in service?

Thanks in advance!
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same issue here on my 2010 - intermittent failure of some of the cameras and that blue no camera icon - seems to come and go with no rhyme or reason. fortunately i never use the cameras so it hasn't bugged me, but i will get it checked when i bring it in for 15K service in a month or so
Both of your camera concerns are caused by harness issues. Poor connections, kinked or misrouted video harness. New overlays are avalible and that should correct your concern. The dealer will be aware of any enhancements that may be avalible for your vehicle. The only thing you need to discuss is any known issues you have with the operation of the vehicle. Enjoy your new Rover. ibis1 ;)
Thanks for the responses. I am still waiting to get my truck back from dealer after leaving it with them all day yesterday and I have to hear from them today.
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