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Sunroof leak (I've read other posts)

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After reading the below post I thought my problems would be solved:

We had a month's rain in 24hrs in Melbourne yesterday and the headlining of the sunroof slider blind was very wet (the blind was in the open position).
The rear and left side of the blind were saturated - I first noticed the water on the passengers seat and followed it up the seat to the sunroof (which was sealed closed).

Not sure what to do. Appreciate any tips thanks guys.
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AMcK said:
The sunroof does not form a water tight seal against the body - that's why there is the "tray" beneath this area with the drains to take the water out to the exterior.
In addition, a heavy rain as described can overrun the tray and drains resulting in a wet headliner.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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