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1st time poster and long term lurker!

I am in the process of buying a 06MY. I have viewed 4 so far. They each have their own plus and negative points.

The 1st had no sump guard and the sump was covered in oil - I'll leave this one!
The 2nd had a sump guard, looks like a piece of plastic is this right? Also it has never had an inspection2 service, car had done 86k.
The 3rd had no sump guard and had a lot rust underneath as well.
The 4th had really poor history and the mileage did not match the condition of the interior!

So do they have a plastic sump guard as standard.

Also how much should be under the car?

How important is it to have an inspection 1 or 2 service in the history?

Thanks again...:)
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