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Suede inserts

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Turns out there is an option to have suede seat inserts in a MY 2010 RRS. Too bad they dont mention it on the LR web site. I was at the dealer today and they had a Bali Blue (gorgeous color) RRs with black interior. I sort of liked the suede inserts, but otherwise the interior looked a bit dull/morbid. I cant understand why- I have a black (or rather dark grey) interior today and love it. It could be the wood (I currently have oak and the 2010 RRS had black lacquer).
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umbertob said:
Here is the color selection from LRUSA's web site, including Alcantara (suede) inserts: http://www.landroverusa.com/us/en/Vehic ... colors.htm

I am sure that some of the color / stitching combos may only be available by special order, but the selection of seating surfaces and colors certainly has greatly increased since last year.
Funny enough, they dont mention any of it in the "Build your own" section. Too bad they dont offer black seats with red stitching - that would have been killer.
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